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PICList Thread
2000\05\02@231754 by robert a. moeser

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i am using HI-TECH Software's PICCLITE and MPLAB (4.12). it was
very easy to get the two hooked up w/ each other.

each time i build my project, once or twice a dialog box appears
stating that something has timed out (?) and asking if i wish to
proceed. so i have to watch and click to say "YES of course".

the build is otherwise unremarkable. any idea what's going on here?

i tried to work around the problem by issuing the two commands that
the build window shows directly to DOS, viz:

H:\PL\BIN\PICL.EXE -GMicrochip -O -Zg9 -D24 -E -ASMLIST -16F84 -C

which works fine (no need to tell it to go ahead!) and seems to
actually be quite a bit faster (?) and it looks like it makes all the
same objects, which would make it a really good work-around except
that the *.C file doesn't seem to be correctly synchronized with the
Program Memory window during simulation.

again i ask if you have any idea what is going on here.

other than that, i continue to be very happy with the FREE compiler
and the FREE MPLAB, a great piece of software in its own right.


2000\05\02@234306 by John A. Craft

<x-flowed>This could be WAY off base, but did you select command line or windowed
under the "Install Language Tool" menu item?  I used to get the same
response when I had chosen windowed.

John C.

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2000\05\03@055949 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 10:16:23PM -0500, robert a. moeser wrote:
> each time i build my project, once or twice a dialog box appears
> stating that something has timed out (?) and asking if i wish to

In MPLAB, go to Options/Environment and change the "Build timeout"
value to either a larger value, or zero (disables it, I think).

Cheers, Clyde

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2000\05\03@123323 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.

The time out is simply your computer is not fast enough to finish the
compile before MPLAB gets tired of waiting. You can change the time out
value or just tell it to wait longer. No problems either way. Your synch
problem is probably due to needing to set 2 variables in your autoexec.bat
to handle warnings and errors and use of the -fakelocal switch on the
command line of the compiler so it can keep proper track of things to link
to MPLABS. If you look at the HiTec web site at the FAQ area they cover how
to do this for the full compiler si I assume this is also needed for the
free version.


At 10:16 PM 5/2/00 -0500, you wrote:
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Larry G. Nelson Sr.

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