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'HD44780 based 16x1 LCD display probl'
1996\08\09@213512 by David Schmidt

Oh yeah, to address your question below, if you are hoping to buy 8x2 line
displays because you want to avoid having to do the display address change
thing,forget it!  All the two line displays I've used, the second line
is accessed just like the second half of the 16x1 line display you have
(unless you buy the 40x2 line displays, due to all the characters, you can
continuously write characters to it and it will properly write out the first
line, continue to the second, and when that fills, go back to the first line
and repeat.)

>do you know if there are any markers on the LCD that say it is of the 8x2
>line type? I'd sooner buy the 16x1 liners if I can.
> -Russ

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