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'Graphics converter (was Re: Simmstick Data)'
1998\08\20@072216 by David Tait

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Don McKenzie wrote:

> The program used to convert from my old DOS PCB drawing program to get
> it to a reasonable Web standard was written for me by David Tait. This
> converts from hpgl to PCX. I then convert it to gif.

Actually, what my program does is convert an HP PCL graphics dump to
PCX.  It's handy in some situations.  In particular, if you use a
DOS-based CAD package which prints to an HP Deskjet (or similar) and
lets you print to a file.  In this case my little DOS program will
take the file and build a replica of the graphics raster in PCX
format.  As Don says, a PCX file can be converted to GIF (with
Paintshop Pro for example) and then published on the WWW.  That's how
I build my own Web schematics.

The program is very dumb and can only cope with uncompressed dumps and
in general isn't capable of processing the output of the Windows PCL
driver.  I don't really want to mail out multiple copies of the
program but if you express an interest (in personal e-mail: I might be persuaded to stick the executable
version that I built for Don on the Web.


P.S. It's likely my WWW site (hosting my PIC links) will be off air
for the next couple of weekends due to electrical work which requires
power to be switched off.  Because of the setup here this will lead to
a misleading "Permission denied" message if you try to access my site.

1998\08\20@130347 by Leon Heller

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In message <>, David Tait
<mbhstdjspamKILLspamAFS.MCC.AC.UK> writes
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Ravitz Software's PRINTGL converts from HPGL to PCX or EPS. It's not
very user-friendly, but works very well. From:

I've found it very useful for putting schematics into a Web page.

Leon Heller:
Amateur Radio Callsign G1HSM    Tel: +44 (0) 118 947 1424
See for details of a simple AD9850
DDS system. See " "/diy_dsp.htm for a simple DIY DSP ADSP-2104 system.

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