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PICList Thread
'Graphical display'
1996\05\15@071418 by nogueira

Hi PIC-ers,

I've been in this list for a few months and I think it's great.

I'm selling a LCD graphic dysplay that is perfect for us.
    - graphical type with 128 x 64 dots
    - smal size 2.9' x 2.0' (75mm x 52.7mm) view area 2.16' x 1.0' (55mm x
    - runs on 5V @ 10mA only
    - receive commands in 1 wire(tm) protocol
    - accept the follow commands:
         point at X,Y
         line (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2)
         line from last point to (X2,Y2)
         circle at X,Y radius R
         print text at X,Y

With this display you can do graphics of any kind and text, your projects will
be much better.
It costs just US$249.00
Any one who needs more informations, please send e-mail tome at and i'll be glad to end
you more informations.



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