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'Graphic LCD with OKI M5260 - How to get a Image'
1998\06\08@063326 by Caisson

Hello Ya all,

I've got a graphical LCDisplay with 5 M5260 chips on it.  Four are used for
Line-buffer (X), one for line-selection (Y).  The Clock of the Y-chip is
linked to the Load of the X-chips, so that every time it display's the
currently loaded line the Line-decoder advances 1 line.  All other lines
are at my disposal.

Now the question :  What do I have to do to get a image onto it !

I've tried allmost every combination of signals & data, but my display
stays gray-ish, not the black i've seen before I took it out of the
(scrapped) machine.

By the way, I've got the specs of the M5260 IC's , but they don't give a
signal-chart for this.

 Rudy Wieser

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