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'Graphic LCD Design Software [Tech]'
2000\04\05@214139 by Brandon, Tom

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I am currently looking at putting together a Graphical LCD design tool. I
had a look around on the web but all I could see was bitmap->binary
converters. What I'm looking at is a fully sprite based LCD design tool.
i.e. rather than designing everything as bulky, wasteful frames, ala most
software, you create your interface from sprites. For instance if you want
an arrow to come in from the bottom right hand corner rather than creating
10 frames with the arrow in various positions, you create an arrow sprite
and move the sprite across the screen. That way, to move a 4x4 pixel arrow
across a say 100x100 screen in 10 frames you only need 16bits storage + a
few for the animation info (this could be as few as 7 bytes, 3 bytes for
start (1 byte sprite, 1 byte X, 1 byte Y) position, 3 for end position, 1
for no. of frames) instead of 100000 bits (100x100 x 10frames).

Does anyone know if there's a package such as this out there? Anyone know of
similar projects I could get ides from? Any suggestions?

Currently doing it in VB but I'm thinking of using VJ for the logic so if
someone wanted to they could do a Swing interfaced cross platform version (I
personally dislike Swing as for me it simply doubles the development and
running times compared to VB which only doubles the runnning time (not even
double with native code)).


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