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'Fw: Dumb Question [PIC vs AVR for begginners]'
1997\09\04@220746 by Antti Lukats

At 08:31 AM 5/9/97 +1000, you wrote:
>This is part of a private coversation that I have thrown open for group
> discussion.
>I have put this thread out into the PIClist so others may comment & learn from
> the discussion.
>I hope you don't mind Don.
>I also hope no one else minds newcomers asking dumb questions on the public
> forum.
>I personally think it's the best place to get a mix of opinions.

this is the place to be.
somebody almost always minds, but this possible cant be avoided on any list.

>> From: Don McKenzie
>> To: Cliff Rogers
>> Subject: Re: Dumb Question


>1. Where do I find the manufacturers' home pages?
>2. Is the AVR better than the PIC?
No definite YES/NO answer. AVR is faster, cheaper simpler to use
to program it is all flash better instruction set so many plusses.
it has not been on the market more than from 9th June 1997 so it
does not have as much source code and application notes as PIC's

>3. Are there development tools for Both and where do I find them?
from atmel site are available free assembler and simulator
only high level compiler for the only currently shipping AVR (AT90S1200)
can be found at
C Compiler and debbuger is made by IAR
more info and links on

>4. What do you recommend to a beginner to microcontrollers?

its up to the beginner to decide. take a long webwalk to see
what is offered and available.

with low cost Basic Compiler and top speed (16 MIPS) AT90S1200 is pretty
hard to beat. AT90S1200 will always be capable to more than say as example
would Basic Stamp I. Well yes it is little smaller than PIC16F84.

>I do not have a particular project in mind at this stage however I am
> in enviroment control for horticulture &
>hydroponics, engine monitoring & management, & general process control.
>More than just your average PC controled sprinkler system or security system.
>I am a technician, not just a hobbiest. I am testing the water before I
bite the
> bullet.
>Thanks, Cliff.

you are welcome. to visit our site and look at the appnotes.

do it frewuently as we will add new ones all the time.


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