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PICList Thread
'Anyone Implemented a PIC Assembler on a Palm Pilot'
1999\10\22@062729 by Jeff Rush

I've searched and searched and wondered why no one (apparently)
has implemented an assembler for the PIC assembly language that
runs on a Palm Pilot and downloads the result over the serial cable
into the PIC programmer.

I'm looking at tackling this if I don't find that it already exists.

Anyone heard anything?

-Jeff Rush

1999\10\22@085651 by Gordon Varney

I love the concept........

The Palm Pilot uses 2 AAA batteries, that's 3 Vdc.  A small interface module
will be needed to convert 3 Vdc to 5 Vdc and 12 Vdc for Vpp. This type of
power supply is simple let me know if you need help.

I'll take one....


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1999\10\22@114614 by Lawrence Lile

Make sure it runs on my old Palm Personal!

-- Lawrence

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From: Gordon Varney <spam_OUTvarneyTakeThisOuTspamCLAS.NET>
Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 7:59 AM
Subject: Fw: Anyone Implemented a PIC Assembler on a Palm Pilot Unit?

>I love the concept........
>The Palm Pilot uses 2 AAA batteries, that's 3 Vdc.  A small interface
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1999\10\22@130455 by Alice Campbell

My professional has 5.75 volts on the txd line.  I think there is a
max232 equivalent inside already.  i would be interested in this,
too.  as i understand it, if mpasm will work on a mac, it can be
ported to the palm devices.  It would need an interface to do the
command line.  mpasm  for dos is ought to fit, although
tight for a Personal, lawrence.  There would be no need
.cod and .err files.  Pocketc handles the .lst by stopping the
compile at the first error and automatically routing the cursor to
the .asm file and associated line.   This would be a mess with the
warnings about which bank is set.  There is a 2k limit for notepad
text--the code would have to be broken up into several includes if it
got very big.  hmmmmmm.


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