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'Fr. Toms Homemade Cap Meter'
1999\06\23@223934 by Thomas McGahee

I have had about twenty five requests so far for info on the
PIC Cap Meter I designed. Some asked if I could provide it
in different formats. I will attempt to get it into a variety
of formats. I will also attempt to write up a simple tutorial
explaining its theory of operation and giving hints on
things like construction and calibration. I will use simple
ascii output for that part of the documentation, as that is
readable by just about everyone. I will zip everything together
and mail to individuals as soon as it is ready.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in and out over the next few days.
I will e-mail to all those who responded as soon as I can.

Fr. Tom McGahee

1999\06\25@140840 by Sam Powell

Can u mail me this zip please.

ICQ: 10061444
e-mail :

{Original Message removed}

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