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'Found problem with WWW interface to CCI files'
1995\02\28@112128 by Lou Sortman

Someone wrote me and indicated a problem with my WWW interface to the
Circuit Cellar Ink FTPmail server.

It appears that in Mosaic (at least the X version), the submit button was
rendered as a field rather than a button, so there was no way to submit
the form with your email address.  I have fixed that problem.

I am mentioning this here in case anyone tried it and gave up because it
didn't work.  If that is the case, you probably threw the URL away.  It is:

Oh, by the way; Once you have entered your email address and gotten the
list of file areas, save that document as a bookmark.  It contains your
email address so you won't have to "log in" again.  The same is true of any of
the file area listings.

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