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'Found FAT resources'
1999\11\19@220408 by Randy Glenn

Some of you may recall me asking if there was any known information about FAT (t
he file system for
PC hard drives) out on the net.

After about a month or so of searching for "FAT Specification", I decided to try
"FAT Structure".

The first hit was a good one - with a link to official Micro$oft whitepapers.

So, without further adieu, here are Randy's FAT resources:
Some very interesting documentation on FAT16 and FAT32, with a link to the Micro
soft FAT32 Technical
FAT, Long Filename and other neat information, straight from the horse's, um, or
An interesting tutorial on how both short and long filenames, as well as directo
ries, are stored.

Hope someone finds this useful - I know I likely will!

-Randy -
ICQ Nickname: PICxpert - Fax: (208) 330-3630

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