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'Foreign Magazine Subscription Agent [OT]'
1998\01\30@155357 by Don McKenzie

Morgan Olsson wrote:
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I have had some experience with this sort of thing and it's not all beer
and roses as may be suggested.
I'm the only Nuts & Volts distributor out side of North America.

Have a look at:

Unless you are prepared to gamble on high Air Mail costs in the hope of
selling the magazines to promised sources, I suggest you contact the
large distribution houses for possible import of selected magazines, or
suscribe directly.

International Air Mail of books and magazines is expensive. If you
surface ship them fine, but expect to wait 2 to 3 months for delivery.

I got involved because I wanted these magazines myself, so I started

Perhaps the logical answer is to print the magazines in Europe under an
agreement, or sell a color PDF file and let readers print their own. Now
that's something to think about.

Hard copy is still nice at the breakfast table. :-)

Don McKenzie

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