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'Flashgun Reset'
1995\06\02@064052 by Institute Medical Engineering

Just a quick note on something I noticed the other day.  This sort of ties
in with the recent discussions of PIC firmware behaving unexpectedly in
windowed & non-windowed devices if a programmer forgets to initialise
registers before using them.

I was taking a photograph of a piece of prototype equipment which used a
C54 JW part with the window uncovered (firmware was still being
'improved' !).  The equipment was operating at the time.  The instant the
flash fired the PIC reset - in fact it underwent a full power on reset as
the TO & PD bits were being checked.  This effect appears to be very
repeatable and also occurred on a C57 - JW part with the window uncovered.

I don't know if this effect is of any use and I haven't checked if the
flash affects any other registers etc., but it is probably something to
be aware of.

Sean Hagan

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