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'Fast optoisolator with totem pole output??'
2003\08\01@061330 by Alan B. Pearce

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>I'm looking for a fast opto device that will switch ~150v dc
>in less than a microsecond. If it can do it in 250 nanoseconds,
>I'd be a happy camper, but can settle for a microsecond:>:

Is that switch it on, or both off and on? The only ones I can think of that
would approach this sort of voltage rating would be designed to drive mains
SCR's and Triacs (thinking of devices like the MOC series here). Everything
else with phototransistors or photodiodes is limited to about 30V and much
slower rise and fall times, plus quite significant transfer delay times.
Anything with fast rise and fall times has an internal amplifier optimally
matched to the photo transistor or diode.

A device I suggest you look at is the Agilent (HP) HCPL-2300 or similar
series. These require a 5V supply for the receive side amplifier, are open
collector (but there is a 1k pull up resistor available on chip) but have a
transfer delay in the double digit nanoseconds. Then hang some sort of high
voltage switching transitory totem pole on the output of this.

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