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'False Alarm -- Accessing EEPROM '
1994\07\04@042150 by manningc

Sorry about the mistake! If I had one IQ point less, I would probably be a

Here it is in case anybody needs to access eeprom data.

-- Charles

; reads from position in eeadr into eedata
       bsf     status,rp0
       bsf     eecon1,rd
       bcf     status,rp0

; writes stuff in eedata into position at eeadr
       bsf     status,rp0
       bsf     eecon1,wren
       movlw   55h
       movwf   eecon2          ;<-- had been movlw eecon2
       movlw   0AAh
       movwf   eecon2          ;<-- had been movlw eecon2
       bsf     eecon1,wr
wait_wr btfsc   eecon1,wr
       goto    wait_wr
       bcf     status,rp0

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