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'FWIW [OT] - The ultimate Corrective Services - pol'
2000\01\04@142142 by jamesnewton

I want to jump in here as a non-ham who has looked into a few times and
backed away each time and ask for some feedback....

I have been interested for a long time in digital comms via ham frequencies;
packet IOW. Each time I have started to collect the equipment required to
set up a digi-peater at my home and a small HT / radio modem (? can't
remember what you guys call that) / laptop for mobile use, I've been put off
by operators telling me that I can't use such a link for my wife to send me
an updated shopping list or other personal use. I can only use it to
(basically) BS with other operators or practice for an emergency or
something else that isn't getting any value out of the equipment. Now, see,
I have to cost justify this stuff to my wife somehow <GRIN>

They are policing the system to prevent people from replacing $$$ 2-way
alphapagers, wireless internet, etc.. with a ham packet rig. Ok, I can
respect that but I also wonder if the fact that I can figure out the
technology and operate the rig where as the average digital wireless user
can't shouldn't count for something. Also, isn't a digi-peater valuable for
all the packet users?

I've been out of this for several years so I may be using incorrect terms or
just be way off base, but I'm curious as to what you will say...

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2000\01\04@152843 by Sean Breheny

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Hi James,

I am assuming that you are in the US. I am no expert on radio law, but
AFAIR, a few years ago the regulations were relaxed (or, at least, the
FCC's interpertation of them) to allow personal business on a small scale
to be conducted over amateur radio. In other words, it is now legal, for
example, to order a pizza over the autopatch.

That being said, I don't think that what you want to do was ever illegal.
You are not coordinating any buying and selling between parties, but
instead just sending personal info between yourself and your wife,even if
it ultimately is for the purpose of buying something.


At 11:09 AM 1/4/00 -0800, James Newton wrote:
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