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'FP package for pics, 16C74'
1995\04\27@134555 by Markus Imhof

>I have looked at the FP package for the pics from the MC BBS. It only
>supports basic FP stuff.  Is there any place with a FP package that
>supports trig, log, etc...
>Is there a C that has FP built in?

I don't know about the above, but check out an algorithm called CORDIC. It
provides a set of fixed-point trigonometric functions in an iterative
There are probably other references, I'm giving you the ones I've got
(Article plus references from that article):

Rafael Daliano, Raimund Perz
in elrad issue 3 1995, Heise Verlag, Hannover
p. 30

J.E. Volder
The CORDIC Trigonometric Computing Technique
IRE-EC 1959 (!)
p. 330

J.S. Walther
A unified algorithm for elementary functions
Spring Joint Computer Conference (SJCC) 1971
p. 379

Hope this helps a bit. I thought it is quite interesting. This algorithm
can deliver sin, cos, atan, sinh, cosh, atanh, division with nothing more
than a few add, multiply and shift operations.


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