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'FDD Speed question'
1995\12\18@161115 by Damien M.Wiles

I may be a little off topic, but does anyone know how to get a floppy drive
to spin at 750 rpm. I am using old 5.25 drives, the motor seems to have a
comparator and bridge driver, but the adjusment pot makes little difference.
               Any clues would be appreciayted.

Damien Wiles (

1995\12\18@165018 by Ian Stirling

Hmm, strange question, wonder why. Assuming the motor can produce
enough torque, there will be an oscillator somewhere setting the
speed, maybe a divided down xtal? Or perhaps RC, if it's not that
critical, trace back to find what drives the driver. If it's a
newer one there may be little help, it may all come off one crystal,
into one big VLSI
Ian Stirling.                        |
AKA Caeser, Bolonewbie.              |  Pretty sad at the moment, should get
                                    |  better tho.

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