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'Extracting text from encrypted PDF files -Reply'
1996\09\19@084239 by Mark Jurras

You may try a different printer that uses ASCII text for characters i.e. an
older style Epson. Then use an editor to cut and paste till you get what you
need. Have you tried the BBS for a different format copy?

- -Mark

>>> Piotr Piatek <spam_OUTpisielekTakeThisOuTspamINET.COM.PL> 18 September 1996  3:57 pm >>>
Does anybody have an idea, how to extract text from encrypted PDF files ?

I wanted to extract program listing from an encrypted PDF file, which
doesn't allow selecting text or images, but allows printing. I thought,
this task can be easy accomplished by printing to a file with a "standard
text printer" selected (I'm using Win95). Alas, the Acrobat Reader doesn't
work properly with this driver and everything ends with a system error.

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