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'Explanation required please'
1998\12\03@154203 by Goovaerts

Can somebody explain me what these lines mean :

HiTech PICC will do that.  put -S on the command line.  Output filename is

These lines were the answer to my question :

Does anyone have or know where to get a compiler that translates C (for a
PIC16C63) to assembler ???

Can somebody please help me !?!?!?!?!?

1998\12\03@214953 by Mark Willis

HiTech Pic C, a C compiler, will do that for you.  (I haven't used it,
yet.)  They're at, $850 I guess for the PIC cross
compiler.  You can download a free, working demo (though limited in size
of resulting modules) sample of this from their web pages.

 Put -S (Command option) on the command line of that program (You can
either edit your batch file if you run Dos for this, or set up MPLab to
use that compiler option, or edit your .PIF file if you use Windows 3.x,
or equivalent if you use the Win95 virus <G>  -  I don't know what OS
you're running, so it's hard to tell you how to do this <G>)

 I don't know if the -S option works on the Demo.


Goovaerts wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1998\12\03@220831 by James Cameron

Goovaerts wrote:
> Can somebody explain me what these lines mean :
> HiTech PICC will do that.  put -S on the command line.  Output filename
> is <inputfilename>.AS


The C compiler product with the name HiTech PICC can do what you ask.

When you use the compiler, add the characters "-S" to the end of the
command you are using to compile the program.

The assembly output will be saved to a file whose name is composed of
the first part of the input file name, a dot, and the letters "AS".

(So, to use these instructions, you will need to obtain the product,
install it, understand how to run the compiler, and then give it your C

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