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'Every bit of the whole is Great'
1997\08\15@133717 by Mike

Hi all,

What interesting times; reliability thinking, myths about radiation,
to name a couple which I admit happily to having stoked a bit ;)

Well I'm sorry to the newbies that come in on things part way and
see this as rubbish - after all thats one thing that makes you newbies
I suppose. I can only suggest you consider this is more than a simple
microprocessor discussion group - all these devices have applications
in the real world but we all approach that differently, just consider
riding it out a bit and observing how things settle.

All the subsidiary off topic stuff adds a very important perspective
and that is, several viewpoints are like several components which
can be chosen and combined to arrive at a wider understanding - not
necessarily the topic but the dynamics of such interaction which may
open new lines of enquiry or aid to producing an improved product.

We are in a field which should in no way be dogmatic but, enlivening,
full of opportunity and which stimulates *informed* discussion and
tests our critical thinking capacities at every casual moment ;-)

So I make no apology for adding a few so called off topic comments
if/when I perceive some tangential post could lead to potential for
incongruity way down the track, after all we can have some fun as well.

Rgds and my thanks to all who have emailed me on this issue :)

Perth, Western Australia

"Where is the wisdom we have lost from knowledge and where is the
knowledge we have lost from information." - T.S. Elliot ?

1997\08\15@135127 by Roger Books

Just to put everyone elses two cents in :)  check the archives.  This
discussion has occurred several times in the past, and the
"nose to the grindstone" attitude has lost every time I have seen it.
I just wish the "martian fingers" thing didn't make its way around again
and again also.


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