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'Effective Spamming on the NET FREE GUIDE'
1995\08\09@003307 by allen


This is an attempt to make the internet more commercially profitable.

The following is a guide to "effective marketing" VIA the use of SPAMMING.
BTW ... THIS IS  A SPAM!  However, I have done lots of research on this
subject. The following information is a VERY worthwhile read!

I've been dumped off a number of other servers for spamming activity.  It's
no big deal, I just change service providers as needed. There are 1000's of
service providers out there, so the possibilities are endless!  However, at
the same time, I have made lot of $$ dollars e-mailing to 100,000's of
thousands of mail list subscribers.

I pulled ALL possible LISTS from the " of Views"( the
below Lists are all the listed ones currently available as of 7/20/95. New
lists are constantly being added.) I sent out "just one e-mail" with bcc to
all ALL lists. Don't send a separate e-mail to each mailing list, that
takes to much time! Just copy and paste the e-mail address for each and
THEN send. You want ALL lists to be spammed at one time. You want to be
able to COLLECT as many responses back from the subscribers before your
service provider shuts you down.

My e-mail message went out to over 1,466,296 subscribers.  It could have
been MUCH more than these figures, for I didn't stop to count how many
subscribers per list!  (The subscribers also tend to forward your message
to others if you request they do so in your spam.)

A suggested time to send out your huge spam is on a Sunday night at 2:00
am. The server is not very busy. Furthermore, the Syops are usually not
real awake on Monday Morning and are dealing with 100's of posting to their
mail list from the weekend. It really pays to make your Subj. Header
something that is "very generic". Many Syops just look at the Subj. header
and NOT the content before posting. When that happens ... You're in

Examples of a good header would be: FYI, Good Information, Reply to
message, Coffee anyone? You get the idea I am sure. Just be creative and
stay away from headers that sound commercial.

NEWS GROUPS can be used in a similar fashion. I simply PULL the e-mail
addresses off the News Group and then, blind carbon copy, (spam) everyone
with just one e-mail. You can also "post" your message to the News Groups.
This also works but lacks the personal appeal of a direct e-mail campaign
to a mailing list.

Anyway, be prepared for Flames and Mail Bombs to both you and your Service
Provider.  I have found that the so called "voices from the net" is much
overrated. Most people pay no attention if they have no interest. However,
your SERVICE PROVIDER WILL react due to even the smallest amount of mail
bombs it receives. WHY you ask? The Service Provider gets real UPSET due to
the fact that mail bombs can overload and shut down their Server. This cost
them money by temporarily depriving ALL their customers access. That tends
to make them a LITTLE TESTY!

I actually have two Service Providers. One Provider is used for "*personal
normal" activity. The second provider is the one that is always changing.
It is best to keep the two totally separate ...  *personal Vs business.

For General Announcements like this one, an "anonymous server" is great!
However, you can't count on getting all your important replies back.  Many
of them will get lost on the way back to you due to the security features!
( a good anonymous provider is  Just send e-mail requesting
information to )

AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy and Delphi, ETC., don't have that problem because
of their large size capacity and are much slower to respond to 'NEW BEES"
who don't "know any better" Generally speaking it takes about 3 warnings
about spamming from a Service Provider to finally shut you down. You can in
many cases, PLEAD ignorance ... Oh REALLY,  SOB ... SOB ... I am terribly
sorry! I am new and I didn't know I couldn't do that ... SOB ... please
don't shut me off ... sort of dribble. Be creative!  That usually will keep
your server off your back ONE WEEK TO TEN DAYS to collect your responses
from the spam.

Again, if your going to spam ... do it BIG!!!  Little or BIG spam, the end
result is the same. Your service provider will tire of receiving the mail
bombs and eventually give you the Old Heave Ho!

One last helpful hint ... you can make your spamming last much longer with
your service provider if you take the time to post a question to the Mail
List that fits their subject matter and then add a PS., ... BTW, Do you
wanta buy something ... information.  However, I found this very time
consuming to post individually to 1000's of lists and far EASIER to just
change service providers. Keep in mind that you ARE going to be eventually
dumped off anyway ... so what's the difference?

The Direct Marketing Association says that you should average 1 or 2 %
response from a U S POSTAL mailing program. I have found that average is
right on the money with e-mailing! Depending of course on the product you
are offering. However, even if your response is only a 1/2 of1%. from
1,466.296 e-mails, that still is 7,330 prospective customers for your

Gee whiz,  one more thing ... your Mail-LIST will say to you
" The Internet GOD'S have spoken. You are FOREVER BANNED from ever using
our Mail-LIST again"! They will put a block on your net address preventing
you access.  HOWEVER, each time you change Service Providers ... guess
what?  You have a NEW E-Mail Address! The Mail-LIST computer site is kinda
stupid and doesn't recognize that you're the same person. This also works
if you change Mail programs to the "same Service Provider". Remember, just
a slight change in your mail program will do the trick!  Example, just
change from Eudora to News Reader And AWAY YOU GO AGAIN!   Spamming away to
your hearts content to Fame and $$ FORTUNE!

The Net is totally unregulated  and governed by something called
"Netiquette".  However, you can within reason, disregard Netiquette because
of the constantly changing self imposed rules and Hypocrisy of most of the
users. If you don't believe this, just monitor some news groups and you
will see. Keep in mind that the internet community will strongly support
explicit sexual immorality, while a small vocal minority will object and
violently oppose an innocent commercial message. ... GO FIGURE!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding the
above. I am very interested in your feed back!

Find " of Views" Use your search engine to access
this list. The default "100's of Subscribers" will give you the best
results. However the following is provided for your immediate use. Updated
The following represents 1,466.296 of subscribers. ( Yes, I did say
MILLION!) Just copy and paste into your e-mail program and AWAY you GO!

Now here is the catch ... You can spend the next 2 weeks down loading each
address at 28.800 baud, or I can send the ENTIRE list to you for $50.00.
No kidding!  The process of down loading each "send to the Group address
took me 2 weeks or about 60 hours using a high speed modem.  The follow is
a sample for you to test.  If you want the rest of the list; send $50.00
for my time to:

Jeff Slaton
6808 Truchas Dr NE
Albq.,  NM  87109    ,
,   ,
,      , ,
,   ,
,        ,       ,        ,
,    ,
,      ,  ,   ,
,  ,
,  ,
,    ,
,     ,
,        ,
,       ,
,       ,
,    ,
,       , ,    ,
,     ,

1995\08\10@100555 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]

Got some action on the recent spammer...  I sent three copies of his
spam; one to him (mailbox flood), postmaster at his site, and also
the administrative contact for his site.  This is easy enough to find;
whois can tell you.  (Try whois@site, if that doesn't work, telnet to  The admin contact is who responded to me.

 - - The original note follows - -

From: (Eddie Milstein -Compute Intensive)
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 13:56:17 -0700
To: "Paul Christenson [N3EOP]" <PJC130EraseMEspam@spam@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Effective Spamming on the NET FREE GUIDE

His account is nuked and we are looking into
legal recourse since our contract is rather
firm on this issue..

Sorry and Thanks.

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