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'ETI vs Homebrew'
1995\07\05@115038 by Christopher Kristof

Excerpts from piclist: 2-Jul-95 Re: Which Databooks? / Mac .. by David
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   I was really hoping to build something that could be used as a
general purpose programmer for all sorts of devices. (PALs are big on my
list too.)  The two ideas I've been tossing around in my head are: (1)
Hang a bunch of I/O (analog as well as digital) lines off of an hc11
board or (2) use a bunch of pics as I/O ports and command them through a
simple bus.  In which case, I'd need a master pic to interface the bus
to an RS-232 port.  I could use the device as a chip tester, device
programmer, cheapo logic analyzer, and super cheapo ICE.
   Then again, I might just shelf my Jack of All Trades interface and
slap together an ETI programmer in the meantime.  I'll have to take a
look at the ETI...

Chris Kristof
Senior ECE
Carnegie Mellon University

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