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'EL Panel power controller'
1998\11\27@212251 by Donald L Burdette

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Gerry Cox wrote:

I want to design a low cost Electroluminescent panel drive...

Gerry -
Since you want this to be low cost, you are in for quite a trip if you
want to design the transformer yourself.  It can be done, but it will
take you a while to learn how to do it, and you're likely to go through a
couple of iterations before you get it right.  Catalogs from suppliers
listed below are helpful.  If you're in a hurry, your best bet is to
write up the specs and contact several manufacturers, request samples and
say you're hoping to build them in 10K and up quantities.  If you want
them cheap, this had better be true.  I have not heard of anyone
supplying off-the-shelf ferrite power transformers (if you have or do,
please let me know).  On the other hand, at 450 Hz. you may be able to
use an iron core.  Aircraft commonly use 400 Hz, and the appropriate unit
may be available, but it's likely to cost $$$.

For prototyping, the case may be very different.  Building an overkill
transformer of this type is relatively easy.  Learn to make very crude
calculations and use about double the ferrite and copper, and it should
work pretty well.  I've even used a 7.5 VA  60 Hz filament transformer to
do pretty much what you are doing, but running as much as 15 VA at
800-1000 Hz. (yes, it gets hot, but not too bad for the lab!)

I'm also very interested in your application, as I have a similar
prototype under evaluation by our customer now, only it has a sine wave
output and variable voltage/frequency, and it's somewhat load-dependent,
as yours probably is not.

E-mail me privately and I may be able to get you the name of a winder in
the U.K. when I go to work on Monday.

Ferrite suppliers I like are:

900 E. Butler Rd.
P.O. Box 391
Butler, PA 16003

(I can look up their info on Monday if you want)

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