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'EL Inverter'
1999\05\12@020923 by John Duncan

picon face

While not totally PIC related, I have come into possesion of some surplus
dot matrix LCD modules.  I want to use them in some upcoming projects.
They have EL backlighting.  Does anyone have a design that they wish to
share.   I would rather build them myself as ready made units cost money.
Output voltage required is 75 to 85 V RMS at 400 Hz to 800 Hz.


1999\05\12@070907 by Gerry Cox

Take a look at http:\\ for some application notes.

Gerry Cox
Weymouth, Dorset U.K.

{Original Message removed}

1999\05\12@083512 by

Gerry Cox wrote:
> Take a look at http:\\ for some application notes.
Change the above back slashes to forward slashes to make the address
work !

nice chipz.

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