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1996\08\20@170153 by kodland

    Good Afternoon,

    I am new to PICs and the PIC community.  I have an application that
    requires "downloadable" code and I would like the flexibility of
    reprogramming without swapping chips and things like that.  I think
    that I will need more memory and variables than the 16C84 provides.
    (Something like a 16C74 but EEPROM).  This is a high bandwidth
    application so I want to run the chip at full speed.  Are there any
    PICs that let you address external EEPROM?  Does anybody know about
    PICs coming down the pipe that could provide me this solution?

    Thank you for your support PicList.


    Keith Odland

*     Eaton Corporation                   *
*     10000 Spectrum Drive                *
*     Austin, TX  78717                   *
*     512/248-2887                        *
*     512/625-5318(pager)                 *
*          *

1996\08\20@190159 by Mark K Sullivan

The 17C4x series lets you address external code memory.  You can put your "boot
code" in internal memory by using "extended microcontroller" mode.  You might be
able to use the TABLWR function to write the downloaded code but probably will
have to bit-bang (byte-bang?) it.

- Mark Sullivan -

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