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'EE Re: Solder Paste Printing, was Re: [EE] Fab@Hom'
2007\01\17@002713 by Vasile Surducan

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On 1/15/07, Sebastien Bailard <> wrote:
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This is not a real circuit, but could be a good joke.

2007\01\17@023241 by Sebastien Bailard

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 00:27, Vasile Surducan wrote:
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It's "Hello World".

We were discussing rapid prototyping in the taigtools mailing list, and  
"griffin1913" had an interesting approach: to use compressed air and
pulse-width modulation:
Subject:[taigtools] Re: Check this out RAPID PROTOTYPING on a budget
From: "griffin1913" <griffin1913@--redacted-to-keep-away-from-spambots->
Date: Yesterday 08:35:51 pm

 I have designed automation equipment that does this in the past. You
would be surprised how easy it is to keep extreme consistency with
very low-tech systems. No metered syringes necessary.

 We used solenoid actuated nozzles, and simply controlled the opening
times. The viscous liquid was kept at a constant pressure (in our case
from from a regulated air source). There was no need to pre-measure
it. Just put however much you will use in a sealed vessel and let the
air or other constant force displace it. This allowed a lot of
material to be available to the machine without constantly stopping to
refill a metering device like a syringe.

 Fixed viscosity + fixed orifice size + fixed pressure = fixed flow
rate. The only variable is the triggering time for opening the nozzle.
Amazing accuracy is possible. This is actually the same principle your
cars fuel injection system uses.

Other variations of this are possible. As long as only ONE of the
variables changes, you can get very accurate displacements, without
needing to go as far as physically metering the mechanical
displacement itself.


2007\01\17@034104 by William Chops Westfield

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On Jan 16, 2007, at 9:27 PM, Vasile Surducan wrote:

>>  We haven't gone very far with this:
>> <
>> circuit.html>
>> It's one of those "after the 1.0 release" features.
> This is not a real circuit, but could be a good joke.

But I think the original poster had in mind laying down solder
paste on a REAL PCB; a sort of CNC solder-paste dispenser.  It
might work OK for that; I'd be concerned that it would be unable
to put down sufficiently small amounts of paste; with a stencil,
you're talking about putting down a very thin layer of paste.
(but it ought to be as good as using a syringe by hand.)


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