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'EE:8052 Problem'
2010\01\22@025840 by Rich

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I am troubleshooting a PCB with an 8052 uC.  The reset pulse circuit and the pulse is present on the reset pin.   I get the clock and the ALE properly.  I get data information appearing on the data lines.  I get address information after the ALE latch (74LS573); the OE is low, the ALE appears on the LE.  But the uC chip does not sign on and communicate with the RS232.  I get no signal on pin 10 of the uC (Rx) and I get no signal on pin 11 of the uC (Tx)  I am using a MAX232A which is correctly wired from the MAXIM Data sheet.  The address lines to the memory are not swapped but wired correctly. I set baud at 9600, 8 bits, 1 stop, no parity.  I tried another MAX232A even though I could propagate a signal through the drivers and got the same condition..."no sign talking."  I'm Stumped.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Are there RS232 jumpers I need to install?  The one thing I have not yet looked at is whether I am addressing the memory incorrectly.  That is next !
on my list but quite unlikely.  Any help would surely be appreciated.

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