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'Driving a ultrasonic transducer from a PIC'
1995\12\05@145922 by Harrison Cooper

At one time, there was a thread talking about ultrasonic
transducers, and interfacing with a PIC.  Looking thru my
saved mail, I don't see this.

So, sorry to ask again, but can a ultrasonic transducer be
driven directly from a PIC I/O pin ?  I believe there may
be some danger from the transducer drawing spikes of current
from the PIC, and possibly damaging it.  Also, if a single
pin can't supply enough current, can multiple pins be used
to drive the transducer ?  I suppose that the mask to the
output port is registered in fast enough that all the outputs
should switch at about the same time.  Of course the other
drawback is the amplitude of the signal being transmitted.

By range to detect is around 12-14", and is not a moving target,
giving me the luxury of taking multiple readings and determing if
the object is in the field of view.

Harrison Cooper

1995\12\05@201214 by Rolan

I had done that at one time. Driving a piezo tranceiver, I was able to
produce a realtively loud tone. Therefore, I assumed that driving a
40 kHz transducer would also be relatively loud (though it was not
audible).  If you would like, I can mail you the source which gives
40 Hkz exactly using a 16c84 and a 1 MHz oscillator.

So the answer is YES it can be driven by the pin alone. I'm sure it would
be much louder if you drove the xcvr with a transistor though.

I was having problems with the receiving end of my device.

Rolan Yang     Electrical Engineer                   
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