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'Does anyone have the CS8900 Ethernet <==> PIC16C7'
1999\05\14@112002 by Raffaele Rialdi

I was looking for the archives and found some old articles about interfacing
a PIC16C74 with Crystal CS8900 Ethernet controller.
The site that hosted the sources is definitively down.

My project is about intercepting an LPR/LPD print and modify some data.

Please, can anyone that downloaded the sources email to me?

Many thanks in advance.

1999\05\14@222323 by Paul Davis


The whole 10Base-T project is documented at the above site.
It's been converted to AVR, but the original 16c74 code is still available.


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1999\05\17@040817 by Stefan Sczekalla-Waldschmidt


I can't remember where it was, but I found the entire Page
describing the CS8900 Project recently while "browsing" atmel
avr resources.

- hmmm ok, I didn't remember but I bookmarked the page...

Kind regards


Raffaele Rialdi wrote:
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