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'Do I need a Scope for PIC Projects? (OR Do chicken'
1997\11\25@165511 by lilel

> Hi.
> >My first scope I bought for $50 US.  Nice dual trace model, wieghed
> >in at 150 LBS.  My current home/hobby scope is better - cost $40 and
> >weighes 200 LBS.  NOBODY's gonna steal it.  In magic marker it sez on
> >the case "Original purchased prices $3500".  It takes ten minutes
> >for the tubes to light up.  My next scope was a "portable".  75 LBS,
> >only $10.  The guy didn't even know what it was.
> Gotta ask...what scopes are these?  200 lbs!  Is that an old HP, or
> what?

I think one's a tektronics, the other two were HP.  Probably built
just before Kennedy was shot.  I mean Jack, not Bobby.

> I've just aquired a dual-beam (!) Tek 556 frame and plug-ins.  It's
> huge, but the shipping weight was _only_ 109 lbs.  Of course, it
> doesn't have a seperate power supply like the 551 or 555.

Ah! a Laptop model I see.
Best Regards,

Lawrence Lile

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