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PICList Thread
'Ding Dong!'
1999\09\15@203939 by M. F. LaBoo

part 0 16 bytes

1999\09\16@025734 by Leif Samuelsson

Allegro has a chip(UCN5810) that has 10 drivers in a single chip(DIL18) and
is controlled serially(SPI-like).An other solution is to use a number of
shiftregisters like 74164

Leif S.

At 20:33 1999-09-15 -0400, you wrote:
>     I just joined this list and am brand new to the  wonderful world of
>PICs.     I  always jump in the mudpuddle with both feet.)                
>Isn't that a lot of what this hobby's all about?  
><>   But that can wait, right now I need
>some tips on multiplexing the I/O.    Any hints, suggestions, pointers to
>documentation (web or  hardcopy), etc., will be greatly welcomed.   Many
>Thanx Mark LaBarre
Leif Samuelsson Dr
Dept of Physics         Tel: +46 13 281269
Linkšping University    Fax: +46 13 288985
S-581 83 Linkšping      e-mail:

1999\09\16@030348 by Quentin

There are a few ways to do it (multiplexing with logic IC's, etc.) but
when I need to expand my I/O's, I use I2C.
will give you lots of information. I use the PC8574P which is an 8 bit
I2C I/O. For 36 I/O on say a 16F84, I would use 4x PC8574P and an
additional 4 I/O on the PIC. Add to that the two pins for the I2C bus
and you will still have some spare I/O on the PIC to do other stuff

Of course, if you haven't done it yet, you'll have to learn how to I2C.
But once you know it, it opens a new world of possibilities for the PIC.


1999\09\16@031223 by Michael Rigby-Jones

If you don't need to play more than one note at a time you could use a
simple binary decoder.  4 to 16 line decoders are readily available in CMOS
logic (eg 74HC154) which also have enable inputs for cascading.  Two of
these would take 6 pins to drive, 4 address inputs, and an enable input for
each decoder.

The serial solution is marginally more complex from the software point of
view, but will enable any amount of notes to be played for chords etc.


Mike Rigby-Jones

> {Original Message removed}

1999\09\16@045328 by Lynx {Glenn Jones}

Anyone know of a good Hobbiest friendly source of these chips? What price
are they for 1-25 quantity?

A member of the PI-100 Club:

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Quentin wrote:

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