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PICList Thread
'Digital Compass'
1995\01\31@203304 by Andrew Warren

Andrew Errington ( wrote:

>In the Microchip Design Contest book there is a project by Leonard T.
>Lee which uses a PIC71 to decode the signals from a Dinsmore 1525 dual
>analogue Hall-effect sensor to make a digital compass.
>I should like to know:
>Where can I get technical information on the sensor? ....
>How well does the device work?

Andrew (and Richard and Markus):

       Dinsmore Instrument Co.
       1814 Remell St.
       PO Box 345
       Flint, MI  48501

       810 744-1330
       810 744-1790 (Fax)

The Dinsmore hall-effect compass is the standard of the industry... It
should work very well.


Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

'Digital Compass'
1995\11\04@164639 by Gerry Smith
I am trying to make a digital compass to find directions.  I saw in one of the
Microchip Contest Entries a digital compass using one of the dinsmore
hall effect sensors (1525 I think).  It had a diagram but had no code.  Does
anyone know how to calculate the direction after getting the results from
the adc of the pic16c71 as in the diagram for the contest?  Thanks in advance.

1995\11\05@100713 by Christer Johansson

picon face
Hi Gerry,


>I saw in one of the Microchip Contest Entries...

What is this ? Is it a book or what and where could I find it ?



* High Tech Horizon - Christer Johansson - * email: *
* Vi saljer Parallax, Inc. BASIC Stamp's produkter i Skandinavien *
   >> World Wide Web - <<

1995\11\05@101337 by Gerry Smith

It is a book of PICSTART contest entries.  Ask microchip to send you one.

1995\11\05@215350 by Mike Goelzer

>It is a book of PICSTART contest entries.  Ask microchip to send you one.

Is it free?
Mike Goelzer

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