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'Did I burn it?'
2006\05\19@121739 by Padu

face picon face

I have a 18F452 in a home made board. This pic has the main responsibility of generating PWM signals to control RC servos.
A while ago I was doing some tests with AND gates, but not directly related to the pic. Then I removed the AND gate, and now the PWM signal is wicked.
The timing is correct (1ms pulse on a 20ms pulsetrain), but the amplitude is wrong. Before I had 0-5V, and now I'm getting 0-1V. I tried both with the servo connected to it and with nothing connected to the port.

I didn't measure the other outputs (LEDs), but since they are as bright as before, I assumed they are ok. Is it possible to damage only one (in this case two) ports? Any other suggestions?



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