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'Demostration Boards PICDEM'
1998\11\08@235503 by Eduardo R.

If double posted, receive my apologies but I have been rejected since

Has anyone had experience with  PICDEM-X Demostration Boards?  I had not
heard about them before.
DigiKey has them listed for $ 99.00 - $ 129.00. Moreover, this stuff looks
helpful but I would like to have some feedback prior to order.


1998\11\09@114939 by andre


I use two of them demo1 and demo2 .
demo1 is for base line and 17xx demo2 is for midrange.
If I was the designer  I would put following parts on the board

1.  8 pot with jumpers to turn on and off
2.  bicolor led to be able to turn on positive or negative edge.
3.  at list 8 buttons
4.  IR receiver
5.  LED's wouldn't  wire to portb directly  I would put with jumpers to  let
    connect it to any port pins
6.  real time clock chip on it
7.  I would put 3 different eeproms instead of one type  I2C
8.  instead of dip sockets I would put ZIP socket if there is price issue  at
    design the board to be able to put ZIP socket  too we will put them on

I think this will be good enough for most projects.

to answer your question YES  demo boars are very useful
all deepens what kind of project are you main doing.

Andre Abelian

Eduardo R. wrote:

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