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PICList Thread
'Dec. 19, 1996 issue of EDN'
1997\01\11@125943 by Brooke


The 12/19/96 issue of EDN has two PIC Design Idea articles:

(1) Yongping Xia has a C program that controls a PIC16C71 connected
to a PC parallel port to take A/D readings.
source code @ in registered-user area, Software
Center" file is DI-SIG, #1962

(2) Yongping Xia also has a neat way to convert a pulse train in the
range .025 Hz - 20 kHz into a square wave using a PIC16C54 running
at 20 MHz. file = DI-SIG, #1968.  This is all in code, ie. it is
done by just counting up and down.

Have Fun,

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