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PICList Thread
'DVP Radio Modules'
1998\09\10@163908 by Martin Green

    Sometimes I suspect that the editors of Circuit Cellar Ink read this
    list to determine the magazines contents for the next issue. Then
    again, with the lead times involved, maybe we on the PICLIST
    psychically read their mind and talk about stuff they are going to
    publish just before they appear in print.

    Either way, I just got my September issue of CCI, and they have an
    interesting article on DVP radio modules. After the glowing tributes
    this company recently received on this list, I thought some of you
    might want to check this out.

    BTW, this issue also contains a PIC16C73 based model rocket
    acceleration logger, and the PIC'Spectrum project (PIC17C756) that won
    a Design98 first prize.

    There is also an article about a car performance monitor (68HC705C8)
    that answers many of the questions about measuring fuel flow that were
    discussed on this list a few months ago.

    CIAO - Martin.

1998\09\11@091900 by Zoltan Perhacs

picon face
Hello !

>     Either way, I just got my September issue of CCI, and they have an
Can you send me this issue ?
Is there any (free) source for the CCI issues ?
Thanks !

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