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PICList Thread
1995\12\19@010123 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

Andrew Warren wrote:

>         There's a bug in the PICLIST's list server software:
>         Occasionally, you'll get a "duplicate message" warning when
>         you've only posted one copy of your message.

Occasionally my foot! It happens EVERY time. And I can well understand
that the first time it happens, the confused poster thinks, because he
is told so, that his message has NOT been posted, because the list
server THINKS it is the same as another recent message. He knows very
well it is not the same as another recent message, but it's stretching
that a bit far to be able to deduce that the list server is lying about
the fact that the message was not posted. And the message suggests
you change the posting slightly and repost it! So I don't think you
can criticize those who do that once too much - they're only doing
as told.

The solution, of course, is to FIX THE SERVER! But of course, we don't
live in a perfect world - we put up with MS-Dross for so long, why
shouldn't we put up with a brain-dead list server as well?

I apologize for venting my spleen, but really, let's be clear about
where the problem is - does the welcome message for the Piclist include
a note about the "idosyncracies" of the server?

It reminds me of the chip manufacturer who wanted a software manual
revised to eliminate references to "limitations" of the processor
architecture - they were to be referred to as "features" or "characteristics"
and if the software gave the hardware a helping hand it was "enhancing"
not "compensating".


What about this warning - should it be ignored too? Oh, wait, this is
from a fallible human - it must be gospel.

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