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'DS1202 (real time clock) - source for it and I2C'
1998\09\28@225051 by Alan G. Smith

I have working Hi-Tech C code for the DS1202.  It uses a one wire protocol.
If you think this would be useful, I will send it to you.

This offer goes for anyone else as well.

(Also I have I2C source in both C and asm)
The ASM is online at

If there are more than a few requests for the C versions, then I will put
them online as well.

For those of you that are considering the Hi-Tech C compiler, let me just
BUY IT!!!!!!!

I have had GREAT luck with code re-use of C stub functions.  (It seems that
a lot of my projects seem to use the same peripherals and the C lets me just
focus on the different logic between each one.)

My ONLY complaint with it is that inline assembly won't let me use the C
variable names like I can do with some of my PC compilers.  (Although Clyde
has explained to me why that is horrendously difficult and how it would make
the compiler worse.)

Clyde is great about answering cries for help too!



| Alan G. Smith

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