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'DOS version of Picstart+ programming software?'
1998\05\09@010721 by Joe Little

    There was a mention of an older DOS based version of the
    PIC-programming software last week.  The more I think of it, the
    better it seems to fit with the CCS DOS environment.  I looked on The
    CD and Microchip site, and took a quick tour of a dozen or so PIC web
    pages.  Anyone know where it is?  Is it Freeware?

    Many thanks

1998\05\09@063624 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

It was me who asked for that program. I don't assume there is such one.
However, I badly needed it as I'll integrate it in the PicBasic Pro DOS
environment. I wrote Microchip and I asked them for the details of the
communication (challenge-response) protocol between PC and PICSTART+. I
suggested I wrote that program if I got the support I needed.

I know there is a lot of guys need that software. I think now it is the
time for all good men to say me whether they want to have such thing, and
whether they are ready to pay (hmm) abt ten bucks. (I write the program
anyway if I can.) (I think it would a reasonable renumeration for my effort.)
When there is a lot of people SAYING they need such software IMHO it would
a good argument for Microchip to decide to send me that details (with
non-disclosure, if needed).

Just I received from Microchip a message they are looking for a solution,
how to support my goal. I'll report any changes in the situation.


Dr. Imre Bartfai

On Fri, 8 May 1998, Joe Little wrote:

{Quote hidden}

1998\05\11@074540 by Martin McCormick

       I would sure love to see a DOS version of that software, also.

Martin McCormick 405 744-7572   Stillwater, OK
OSU Center for Computing and Information services Data Communications Group

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