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'DMX Receiver using a PIC chip'
1999\09\04@232753 by Dennis Hromin

 I know there was some discussion recently about a RS232 to DMX
converter. I did find some good info on how to transmit DMX data, but I
need to build a device that could read DMX data and perform a task based
on the channel and 8-bit data value it receives.
 I'm guessing that the PIC chip would have to constantly analyze the DMX
bus, but I need some more info on whether I have to use a RS488
transceiver as is done with a transmitter. Does anyone have more info on
this or links to web sites?

1999\09\05@034601 by Andy Barnett

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Take a look at http://www.abtec, under "Lighting Links" - DMX 512 Decoder (PIC Based)
may be just what you'r looking for!

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1999\09\05@170956 by Kelly J. Kohls

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>transceiver as is done with a transmitter. Does anyone have more info
>this or links to web sites?


Have a look at my web site:

Kelly Kohls,  N5TLE
Dallas, TX
Email:  or

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