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PICList Thread
'DIY Kill-A-Watt'
2008\02\15@185556 by Dave Lagzdin

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On 14/02/2008, Tobias Gogolin <> wrote:
> I like it!
> ------------------------------------------------
> Here's an interesting project .....
> A breakable glass jar  with 110v inside and electrical cords routed thru
metal lids without grommets are the first thing I noticed.

2008\02\16@024229 by Richard Prosser

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I was going to build somethng like this. Then I spotted a commercil
version for $NZ20 at a local store. (The Warehouse).
Not worth the effort  involved in building it although putting it
inside a glass (or even better plastic) jar is a nice way to get
around the circuit isolation issues.


On 16/02/2008, Dave Lagzdin <> wrote:
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