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1994\12\04@192821 by nino.benci

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I found that IDE sucks, although it is fairly simple to connect to. I
have recently thrown together a CCD based scanner with a SCSI port and
connects to a MAC portable. The CCD output is scanned into FIFO for
speed and then sent as blocks of 512 byte via the SCSI interface. The
programming is simple. For a good example get the files 'DAQ3000.ASM,
SCSIFAST.ASM and SCSIMOVE.PAS' from the CCInk BBS. These are very
good examples of SCSI code for data transfer. To get these files
send the file names as follows to '',

   'GET filename'

This method has allowed me to create a more universal interface for
data acquisition. I hope that this is of help.

Nino Benci
Physics - Monash University
Clayton, Victoria, Australia
email -

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