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'DES Code'
1999\04\09@051923 by Windows-1252?Q?Sebasti=E1n_Dols?=

Hi all, again.

Some of my job duties are analysis and development/deployment of
cryptographic devices for comms equipments, and I was triying to take a look
to the DES code for the PICs in the microchip site. Well, I'm not living in
USA so they ITAR law is blocking my efforts (no 'ammunition' exports, you
know). So te question is: Someone outside from USA has that code and (if
there is no legal/administrative/ethical problems) can send to me?. If
someone has the DESPICable code for the F84, it will be very very
interesting too, but with these code I know that maybe copyright problems or
violation of the agreement between the developer and the original receiver
could be a block.  I think that personal mail is the rigth way to avoid put
in trouble to the list maintainer and users. If it is impossible to send me
the code, I got no problem in read the negative it in public mail (here ;).
At least, it will be informative for all of us, I think.

Thanks in advance, as usual.

PS1: I'm freelance in this specific environment, and triying the
'enterprise' approach to receive those codes is not possible.
PS2: I think this is PIC oriented, so no [OT] in the header.. but if is
offtopic, say it to me, I'm learning a lot about how to define a [OT] ;)

1999\04\26@075653 by Sebastián Dols

Someone of the piclisters outside the USA has an implementation of the Data
Encryption Standard (DES) or where download it?

thanks in advance.

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