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'DC Motor error'
1997\05\02@044439 by jattievdl

I'm using a PIC16C84 with PWM control in software to control the
direction and switching of a DC motor. All the controls are working just
fine but as soon as I ad te motor it starts buggering around. I've added
filters and diodes and at this stage I'm considdering a career change.
Please help. I'm using a mosfet to switch the motor to ground with my
PWM control bits. I think that the motor generates some noise on my
powersupply on the pic and I've added capasiots across vcc and vdd. What
else can I do. I've also added PI filters to the motor outputs.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Jattie van der Linde

1997\05\02@110951 by lrich

Beware of really high starting currents in the motor - it starts out
stalled and the current can rise to the locked rotor value, possibly
dropping the power supply voltage too low for the picchip.

Jattie van der Linde - ITEC x4181 wrote:
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