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'Crystal replacement wanted'
1999\08\11@220830 by Russell McMahon

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A friend is looking for a device to allow him to produce a single
"programmable" square wave output at any frequency from "KHz to 10's of
MHz". He wishes to be able to allow users to generate a stable frequency of
their choice,  probably (but not necessarily) using a 32 KHz reference

I suggested PLLs and a frequency locked loop based on a PIC frequency
counter type core (as used by some radio amateurs). Neither of these seemed
to meet his cost/simplicity objectives. Politics makes a purpose built IC
rather than a microcontroller desirable.

How would YOU do this at lowest cost with "good" accuracy. A price of say
$US5 absolute max all up is desired. .


           Russell McMahon

1999\08\11@221904 by Dennis Plunkett

At 13:56 12/08/99 +1200, you wrote:
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There are some programmable divider counters out there that will do this,
however the ref will be several MHz.
As for the cost. Find someone else to do it! <G>


1999\08\12@003052 by Fredric White

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You don't say exactly what frequency range is needed.

An ICD2053B (my favorite PLL) and a 14.318Mhz crystal gets you 391KHz
to 100Mhz within .1% for under $4.  Follow that with a fixed or
adjustable divider for lower freqs.

< Fredric

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