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'Crystal or Resonator'
1999\03\13@203045 by Eric Oliver

Hi guys,

I'm on my second reading of the responses about impedance.  Thanks for the
lesson !

So far, I've experimented with the PIC17C44 and PIC16C84 and I just
received two PIC16C77s. For the first two PICs I built a variation of the
PIC on a Board described in PIC'n up the Pace.  On the first two I used a
crystal with loading caps with no problems.  On the new board for the 77 I
got both a crystal and a ceramic resonator. So the question of the moment
... Which is better ?


1999\03\13@204747 by Wagner Lipnharski

picon face
Better for your pocket or for the circuit?

This is like I use to say to my friends when they ask my
oppinion for something that it is visibly not good:

      - Do you want me to make you happy,
        or, to tell you the truth?

We use both, I really don't see too much difference,
besides ressonators can be supplied with internal caps,
but they have not such extended range and frequencies
as crystals.  Crystals you can find anywhere, any freq.
any size.

My bad experience; I just saw ressonators fail in a
particular board, it was no way to make it works, with
different caps, no caps, it just oscillate for a while
and stopped. Crystals fixed it immediatelly.

I would say;
          Crystals    = Black Tie & Champagne.
          Ressonators = Blue Jeans & Beer.

It doesn't mean they are cheap, just a different "class".
hehe :)
Wagner Lipnharski - UST Research Inc. - Orlando, Florida
Forum and microcontroller web site:
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1999\03\14@015828 by Gerhard Fiedler

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At 20:45 03/13/99 -0500, Wagner Lipnharski wrote:
>I would say;
>           Crystals    = Black Tie & Champagne.
>           Ressonators = Blue Jeans & Beer.

i had problems with resonators at low voltages (seems it is "blue jeans and
beer and a =loud= juke box" :). i tried various brands, and they didn't
oscillate. but with a crystal it worked and i never had a problem (also
with different brands).


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