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'Cracked it! YES!! and compiler errors'
1999\08\29@232905 by Gennette Bruce

This sounds like a 'hidden' character problem.  Read the offending source
file into word or something and turn on hidden charactors, (that backwards P
button in word (P for Proof ?)).  Are there extra spaces where they
shouldn't be, or (shock! horror!) actual [Tab] charactors in your clean .asm

As you say finding compilers for small (u) computers is amazing, so you
shouldn't be too amazed to find their syntax requirements a bit stricter
than more mainstream programs.  The responsibility for supplying correctly
formatted code lies with the author, not the (non-existant)
pre-compiler/syntax checker/fixer.


<snip early bit>

       I'll tell you something funny.  It compiles 'C' files just fine.
But I also
       want it to assemble a '.AS' file.  A reasonable requirement, yes?
       particular .AS file gets thrown out by the compiler, which reports
       other things) a syntax error on line 10.  The problem is, line 10 is
       comment (with a genuine ';' at the beginning).  In fact the first 18
       are all comments; the first line of real code being on line 19.

       You can probably see why I have niggling doubts about the quality of
       development software you guys have to wrestle with!  I'm mostly used
       Delphi, which is programmer's heaven compared to this.... ;-)

       Lest anyone misunderstands, the above paragraph was written with
       firmly in cheek.  Seriously, I don't mean to criticise the guys who
       C17 or Hi-Tech's PIC C.  It's a miracle to get a 'C' compiler at all
for a
       little thing like the PIC and they've done an astonishingly clever
job.  But
       I've gotta say that the learning curve seems hellish steep!

       Many thanks to everyone who has helped me.


       Steve Thackery
       Suffolk, England.
       Web Site:

1999\08\29@234410 by Dennis Plunkett

At 13:27 30/08/99 +1000, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

If this is a Hitech compiler that you are using then look at the line before!

{Quote hidden}

1999\08\30@123923 by Steve Thackery

Gennette wrote:

> This sounds like a 'hidden' character problem.  Read the offending source
> file into word or something and turn on hidden charactors,

Thanks for your comments!  I'll do just that.  Meanwhile Clyde has kindly
offered to take a look at the source files as well.  I'll report back in due


Steve Thackery
Suffolk, England.
Web Site:

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