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'Cost of surface mount devices'
1999\09\24@124717 by Paul Brown

I have an application where the PIC will be mounted on a 1" diameter round
board.  Because of space constraints, I think surface mount is the way to
go.  Along with the PIC (44 pin QFP), there will also be an oscillator and
a few resistors, etc.  Are there any rules of thumb I can use to estimate
the cost of having 10 of these boards etched and soldered?  What about
mounting devices on both sides of the board?  How about using a multi-layer

Paul A. Brown

1999\09\24@134005 by Harrison Cooper

multi-layer cards are more expensive, of course, because each layer is
etched and laminated.  Mounting both sides is fine, we do it all the time.
Depends if you are going to do the assembly or someone else, and if someone
else, can they handle reflow when parts are mounted on both sides.  I do
both side assemblies all the time, both SMC and thruhole

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