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'Copy Protection (Re: Diskette Controllers,'
1997\07\13@175626 by paulb

Mike Smith wrote:

> I dread the thought that companies are still seriously using them or
> considering using them -

 I take this to mean "I dread the thought that a company with which I
get involved, or have shares in, or a public utility, might even
using programs copy protected in any form whatsoever".  In other words,
organisation whose use of such crippled software might end up costing ME
money or time unnecessarily each time it crashes.

 Probably the best current filter for copy-protection is Windows NT!

 A software professional - and I mean professional, of my acquaintance
a simple and effective form of theft protection.  The key consists of
registered company title, together with a key string encrypted to match.

 The software will operate without it, but displays continuously on
screens and printouts either the registered company name or the title
"unregistered evaluation software".

 I think that's about as good protection as you can get.  (Ever noticed
strange and incongrous company names on some invoices you receive?)

       Paul B.

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